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May Ideal Technologies
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MIT is an ERP consulting and business process outsourcing services company,which helps its customers with information technology services/solutions and streamlining thier business process by leveraging our expertise and domain knowledge in various ERP and accounting solutions such as ERP EPISTOO,TALLY.ERP9,FLEX+,WINGS ERP,SAGE 50 & QUICKBOOKS.MIT delivers these business solutions with high levels of integrity,quality and prfessionalism.MIT customers spans across many verticals such as Automobile,Farming & Agriculture,Healthcare,Manufacturing & Distribution,Oil and gas and Construction.

Our Vision

At MIT,we have the vision to become a leading ERP & business solutions provider in West africa and beyond.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing world class products and services that exceed customers' expectaions for quality,value and reliability. TO provide a pragmatic and cost-effective Bussines consultng & ERP Solutions,that delivers predetermined and tangible results to ur esteemed clients.

Value Proposition & Differentiators

MIT has extensive experience in working with our Customers to understand thier business needs,identify the areas for improvement and provide state of the art solutions by deploying proven matured process through ERP Solutions to support the current need as well as the future business growth.The cornerstone of MIT success has been its ability to understand the strategic visions that fuels the various IT based initiatives to resolve busines challenges